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Stretching for horse riders

January 4, 2010

by Valee More

Stretching for Good Posture - The Psoas Muscle

This is a stretch for the deep psoas muscle that when tight compresses the lumber spine, tilts the pelvis and can contribute to sciatica and lumber pain.

In horse riders if this muscle is tight it prevents the rider being able to stretch the leg back and keep the heel in alignment with the shoulder. It also causes anterior tilt which is a sway back and if it one muscle is tighter than the other, can cause one hip to be higher than the other and the toe pointing more outward.

The psoas (major on the right) is a very strong and powerful muscle. It helps the body bend towards the ground and sideways, and is the prime mover for lifting the leg up when walking.

Tightness Test

Wearing loose fitting clothing lie on the floor and bring one leg up to your chest. Keep your head on the floor. If the psoas muscle is tight on the opposite leg, the back of the thigh will lift off the floor. Repeat for the other leg.

Caution - with all stretches do not create pain.

Psoas Stretch



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