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White Cloud Station Series

Ripple and the Horses of White Cloud Station; and Summer with Horses, by Trudy Nicholson; Puffin. Softcover, 153pp/130pp, RRP $17.95. ISBN: 978-0143304-593 and 586.

March 6, 2009

The first two books in this new equine fiction series should be a hit with young readers and riders, and youngsters who are dying for their own pony.

The White Cloud series is aimed at the 10 to 15-year-old age group, and the action is set in New Zealand, with Kiwi kids and Kiwi conditions.

It centres around three good mates, one who has plenty of her own horses, another who had one but lost him, and another, Suzy, who is terribly allergic to horses. The three head out to camp out at the annual roundup at White Cloud Station, each with the idea of finding and buying their dream horse at the auction.

Luckily for Suzy an unusual curly coated horse grabs her attention. To her amazement the curly horse - who she names Ripple - doesn't make her allergies play up.

Suzy gets to work with Ripple, along with Mike, the trainer whose grandparents owns the station. The auction day comes and Suzy is horrified when someone else buys her beloved Ripple!

As the girls leave the station and go home, it isn't all plain sailing with their new horses.

Summer, the second in the White Cloud series, starts with a summer beach holiday - with horses, of course.

Suzy gets the chance to return to White Cloud Station, and bring her horse with her. She learns more about the family who own the property, and almost becomes a part of it. She works hard at White Cloud, and has the summer of her life.

There are a few surprises in store for Suzy, too, and lots of adventures along the way.

Young readers will enjoy the series, and will learn a lot about horse handling and training along the way.



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