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The Right Track - arena exercises for riders and instructors

The Right Track

arena exercises for riders and instructors (revised edition), by Sarah Venamore; JA Allen. 190pp, spiralbound softcover. RRP £15.99. ISBN 978 0 85131 942 1.

September 1, 2007

This book of arena exercises is designed for instructors at pony club and other riding groups, but many exercises would also be equally useful for the solo rider bringing on a young horse without a regular trainer.

Group lessons riding around in circles with the instructor barking commands? After the novelty wears off that's no fun for even the most dedicated rider. But in this book, Venamore aims to bring some fun into the mix with an array of exercises - two or three per one hour lesson is recommended.

The Right Track has been added to the recommended reading list of both the Equestrian Federation of Australia and the Pony Club Association.

From easy (walk, trot and canter), to more advanced, where lateral, medium and collected work is included, there should be something for all levels here. There's also a lesson plan for new instructors.

Each exercise has an aim - for example the medium-level exercise "half 20m circles trot to canter" aims to improve trot-canter and canter-trot transitions, and improve balance and both gaits. Instructions for each exercise are given, and notes are included about preparation, what the riders should be working on, and how the exercise should be performed (ie, sitting trot in some cases).

The spiral-bound format makes it easy to carry around, and there's a blank page opposite each exercise for notes.

In all, a great addition to an instructor's kit; anything that makes sometimes dull arena work more interesting has to be a good thing!



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