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The Appaloosa

Allen Guide to Horse and Pony Breeds, by Kim Sands, Stephanie Woollon; JA Allen. Softcover, 24pp. RRP £5.99. ISBN: 978 0 85131 899 9.

February 13, 2010

The Appaloosa horse is well suited to such a colourful pictoral breed guide. Spots leap out from every page, making the reader flick through the book first to see what coat patterns are shown, before launching into the words.

Being a British publication, the horses pictured are all from that part of the world - a nice change from the usual spotted-quarter horse offerings.

The book outlines the appaloosa's rich history, and gives the breed's description, colour patterns, and other characteristics. There are short tips from the authors throughout the book.

Chapters on registration and performance are also included, as well as showing and the youth division of the UK's Appaloosa Horse Club.



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