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Rider's Diary

designed by Claire Wilson ( 80pp RRP $A34.95, $NZ38. Hardcover). 18.6cm x 24.7cm. ISBN 097581270X.

April 19, 2006

How many times have you struggled to remember when the dentist last visited, or when you had that lesson with Mr Olympic Trainer? Was it last year, or the year before? As time gallops by these details often get filed somewhere deep inside your memory bank.

Hence the need for a diary to record important information. This lovely book is a real "keeper". Designed by Australian horsewoman Claire Wilson, the Rider's Diary is printed on high-quality paper to last a lifetime, and its pictorial hard cover will look good on the shelf.

Wilson says that "having a log book when I was young was so much fun. Drawing pictures of horses, writing poems and of course recording my riding lessons was important to me and greatly encouraged at Pony Club."

The diary is comprehensive - there is room for all the information you could think of regarding horse care and management.

To start there is a contact information area, where those important phone numbers can be added - including vet, saddler, and hoof care provider. With your horse's details there is room for a photograph or two, and you can also list all your gear and tack, its purchase date and horse it is used on; your horse's clothing and your riding gear as well.

Under the feeding - diet pages supplements used as well as times that you normally feed can be added. There is plenty of room for hoof care details, and notes regarding veterinary visits as well. Teeth and worming sections are also included.

You can list your horses' training progress, and your own lessons can be recorded as well. There are sections for adding competition details for dressage, jumping, horse trials and showing; these could be easily adapted for other disciplines.

This is a lovely keepsake for the young rider for future reference, and as a useful diary for the not-so-young. And if anything happened to you and you were unable to care for your horse, this would be an excellent user-manual for your replacement care-giver!



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