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A soft and shiny mane, thanks to Top Tails.

Top Tails

mane and tail enhancer, from Wellington Equestrian Enterprises. 150g tube (enough for 40 applications), RRP$34.95.

October 15, 2004

Getting the edge in the show ring is more important these days then ever before - there's much more competition, and lots of glitzy accessories to take the judge's eye.

But you just can't beat a beautifully brushed-out tail (and mane, for those breeds who can be shown unplaited) glistening in the sunlight, flowing in the breeze. It is not easy to achieve for some - damage by chewing or rubbing out can ruin an otherwise good look, and sometimes even the colour of the tail, for light-coloured horses, can look grubby.

We tried out Top Tails on a lovely chestnut tail. Well, it would have been lovely but for the gaps in it. The tail had been chewed by a young paddock mate, giving it a layered effect. It looked rather sad and definitely nowhere near show condition.

It was with some surprise, therefore, that we discovered that not only does Top Tails give a great sheen to the tail (and mane), but it also gave the damaged tail more "body". As shown in the below pictures, the tail is certainly more fuller than before, especially towards the ground.

The effects of Top Tails - fuller, shiny tail - last for several days. Our field test was interrupted by rain, but at least three days later the tail was still nice to work with and comb - it had not tangled or started to turn dreadlocky.

Top Tails was developed by a hairdresser and is thus safe for human use. Just as well, it smells good enough to eat!

Before application of Top Tails
this tail has had some yearling damage, mostly to the bottom part, which is noticeably thinner.
After application of Top Tails
After: after a wash and application of Top Tails, the damaged tail is visibly fuller, with the missing bottom portion barely noticeable.



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