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Personalised mousepad

Personalised mousepads

from Phoenix Imaging. $15

December 6, 2004

What do you give the horse enthusiast who has everything?

You're bound to find something if you're prepared to give your bank balance a decent hammering.

It's therefore pretty cool when a simple product comes along that doesn't costs large dollops of cash, and there's practically zero chance they've already got one!

Phoenix Imaging is offering personalised mousepads. If it's a gift you're wanting, all you need is a horsey friend with a computer, and a decent picture of them with their treasured equine.

The picture shows the result of the photo I emailed off for making into a mousepad. The pads themselves are the kind I like. Not too stiff and plasticky. The backing is a flexible rubber which grips well on pretty much any surface. The surface is cloth, which my trackball mouse is running very nicely on as I write. My husband used it with his optical mouse yesterday and reported no problems.

The picture, being printed onto cloth, is not quite as sharp as a photographic print, simply because the thread pattern of the cloth is still apparent. The best way I can describe it is like a photographic print on a painting canvas.

Phoenix Imaging were prompt, the mousepad arriving only a few days after I sent the print. They are happy to take photographic prints or emailed images (see their specs below). Naturally, you are best to start with a good quality image, as the better quality the original photo, then the better the reproduction.

So, there you are. I think it's great, a reasonably priced gift idea that won't break the bank, and will actually prove useful to the recipient, provided they have a computer! (I think these would also make a good promotional gift for horse businesses.)

Alternatively, it's a great way of personalising your own workstation.



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