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Advances in Equine Nutrition III

edited by Joe D. Pagan; Nottingham University Press. Hardcover, 580pp. RRP £65. ISBN: 1-904761-28-3.

April 24, 2008

This is the third book in a series complied from research papers tabled at the Kentucky Equine Research Equine Nutrition Conference. Within this large volume is a huge amount of information not only on nutrition, but its impact on all aspects of our equine friends and their growth and performance.

Nutrition is not as simple as figuring out what a particular horse requires to function, but that's a good start. Advances III delves into so many areas it is hard to give an overview.

Diet affects everything a performance horse does, and recent research into specific areas is revealed here.

There are five sections: general nutrition, feeding management, performance horses, growth and development and pathological conditions.

Renowned veterinary researchers and experts are among the authors of more than 40 papers.

Topics include

Every horse owner, from the back-yard breeder to the seasoned professional, will find something that they can apply immediately - whether it be a slight tweaking of an already successful regime, or a total rethink of years of experience.

» Advances in Equine Nutrition IV, edited by Joe Pagan



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