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Understanding Equine Medications - your guide to horse health care and management

Understanding Equine Medications

your guide to horse health care and management (revised edition), by Barbara D Forney; Eclipse Press/The Horse Health Care Library. 240pp, softcover. RRP $US16.95. ISBN 158150-151-X.

July 21, 2007

This is another great must-have for your tack room. With pre-competition testing increasing in sport horse disciplines, you just can't be too careful about what you give your horse. How much you administer and the withholding times involved are also very important.

Author Barbara Forney is a sanctioned veterinarian for the FEI, and was part of the vet team for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

Outlined in this book are about 50 different horse medications, each with an 'at-a-glance' info panel giving its common brand name, generic name, the type of drug it is, and what it is for.

Following this is in-depth information on treatment and side effects, what precautions you must take when administering the drug, and signs of overdosing. How a drug interacts with another is outlines, and other information that you should note. For example, you don't want to get certain medications on your hands. Where appropriate the different effect of the drug on different types of horse - ie, foals, old horses, and in-foal mares - is outlined.

Drug rules within several major equestrian organisations are also outlined.

The book also outlines how to administer medications, from drenching to intramuscular injections. There's a colour section inside the book with photographs of the techniques explained, and correction injection sites.

Another chapter is on how to calculate does rates, and units of measure are given.

In all, this book will prove very valuable to all horse owners unfortunate enough to have a sick horse. And face it, at one time or another, that's all of us.



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