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Physical Evidence, by Sandi Haddad

Physical Evidence

by Sandi Haddad. 229pp. RRP $US4.95. ISBN 1-58697-927-2.

April 9, 2001

Life on a Florida arabian ranch heats up when its rich owner dies in unusual circumstances, and all eyes are on his much-younger beautiful wife, who it is suspected had a hand in his death.

Enter dashing and rugged private investigator Jake Carlucci, who always gets his man -- or will it be woman in this case? He is hired, by the dead man's family, to find out whether the widow, Julie, had anything to do with the death.

Sparks do tend to fly, and Jake has to make himself look like the experienced ranch hand he is not so as not to arouse suspicion from Julie, and his co-workers. Jake starts his undercover work as ranch chef, and let's say things do get a bit steamy in the kitchen at times.

Physical Evidence will keep you guessing to almost the end as to who did what and why.

Those whose sole reading tends to be horse books will find this romantic mystery easy going -- and in the style of Dick Francis and some other well-known equine authors it is thankfully light on the "bedroom" scenes -- just the way horse-book readers like it.



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