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Horsekeeping and Training

CD-Rom - Master Library, by Cherry Hill. Teton NewMedia. For Windows and Mac. RRP $US169.

December 10, 2005

by Robin Marshall

Anyone who keeps an eye on the horse book market will know the name Cherry Hill well. The Colorado-based author -- and breeder, trainer, and judge -- has written more than 20 books on all aspects of the sport horse world, from breeding and health care, to horsemanship and management.

Cherry Hill's books are written in plain English with plenty of illustrations to keep a rider -- or a builder -- on the right track. Now, much of this information is now available on one CD. Text, pictures and photographs from 12 of Hill's books are included in the Horsekeeping and Training CD-Rom Master Library. Also included are extra animations and movie clips to better explain sometimes baffling topics such as tail trimming, side passes, lunging, and drenching.

This is an impressive library for all levels of rider -- from novice right up to advanced. There is something for everyone here, and it is an invaluable reference for all.

For students of shoeing, the Maximum Hoof Power and Horseowner's Guide to Lameness section give in-depth looks at the mechanics of shoeing and conformation. In Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage, one of Hill's most popular titles, there are several stable and barn plans included, as well as arena design and construction. You'll find out what you need, how much of it you need, and why.

The Horse Health Care section is packed with information, including step-by-step wound care, how to administer an injection, dental care, and much more.

Care has been taken to make this CD-Rom easy to use, and even the novice computer user should be up and researching immediately. There is a brilliant keyword search tool which gets you where you need to go quickly, as well as a full dictionary and thesaurus. Coupled with the supplemental Horse Anatomy section, this CD is all you'll ever need as reference material.

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