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by Dick Francis; Michael Joseph/Penguin. RRP $39.95. 272pp.

After his friend is killed in a horse-racing accident, up-and-coming glass artisan Gerard Logan finds himself embroiled in a deadly search for a stolen videotape--a videotape that just might destroy his own life.

This 2005 novel is number 38 for Dick Francis, and is the last written with the help of his wife, Mary, who died in September.

It remains to be seen if he will continue writing, as he acknowledged his wife as being an uncredited co-author.

As has been the case with the past few Francis novels, Shattered's main character is not directly involved in racing, instead being a glass blower whose jockey friend gave him a mysterious videotape before he was killed in a race fall. There's nothing wrong with this book -- it's a good read, but Francis's racing fans might be a little disappointed there's little horsey stuff in this volume.



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