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Barbara Livingston's Saratoga - Images from the Heart

Barbara Livingston's Saratoga

Images from the Heart; Eclipse Press. 224pp. RRP $US34.95. ISBN 1-58150-129-3.

December 6, 2005

Racing is a big part of the city of Saratoga Springs, and while much of its essence revolves around the famous New York racetrack, dig a little deeper and many rich traditions and images of yesteryear abound.

Through her images photographer Barbara Livingston, a two-time Eclipse Award winner who was born in and grew up in the area, has showcased parts of the city which are special to her - from its historic architecture to its gardens and wildlife, and woods and weather. The city is beautiful and much care has been taken to preserve its buildings and their place in history.

The book is broken into five sections - the race course, the city, Yaddo, outings, and seasons.

Raceday images are accompanied by behind-the-scenes shots, from moody mist-filled workouts in the early morning, and the people who make it happen, to the subtle detailing of buildings within the track grounds.

The artists' retreat Yaddo, established in the 1920s, is adjacent to the racecourse. The beautiful property is indeed a retreat, and has hosted more than 5000 artists in its time.

There are more than 200 pictures in "Saratoga". Even if you don't have a connection with the area, it's an eye-catching introduction to all the city has to offer.



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