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The Quotable Equine

by Jim Dratfield; Random House. 100+pp softcover. RRP $19.95. ISBN 009 189759 9.

Jim Dratfield has taken a varied selection of his photographs from almost every corner of the globe and matched them with famous (and not-so-famous) quotes from historic figures with thought-provoking - and humorous - results. Far more interesting than in their original context, no doubt!

The quotees are an eclectic bunch - from historic figures such as Joan of Arc and Plato, to more recent personalities such as Helen Keller, Ty Murray and Ted Turner.

This delightful coffee-table book is also coffee-coloured - all the pictures are sepia for a more dramatic and artistic effect. From cowboys to Mongolian horseman to trick riders and dressage and jumping - most disciplines are featured. There are horses being horses without the hand of humans, and quiet moments between doting owners and their trusty steeds.

Above all, The Quotable Equine celebrates the beauty and mystique of the horse.



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