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Don't Postpone Joy -- a Life of Purpose and Passion, by Peter Taylor

Don't Postpone Joy

A Life of Purpose and Passion, by Peter Taylor; Random House. 230pp RRP $34.95.

April 9, 2005

Peter Taylor has two passions. That he loves horses is beyond question. It would also be impossible to challenge his love for life.

The New Zealander, in his book Don't Postpone Joy -- a Life of Purpose and Passion, tells of a remarkable life.

It is little wonder that he is now used frequently as a motivational speaker. He has overcome serious ill-health to achieve in life what most people can only dream of.

His lively and entertaining book tells of a colourful upbringing, and his efforts as an adult to reach the pinnacle of achievement, whether that be opening a classy restaurant or realising his dream to get to the Olympics. But for some bad luck along the way he may well have become a household name.

Percolating in the background has been his ill health -- he is the only person in the world to be both HIV positive and suffer from a rare parasitic infection called Leishmania. He contracted the disease when bitten by a sandfly at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.

Horse lovers will understand Peter's passion for these animals, and understand the length to which he went to achieve his equine aims. He had been through 35 jobs by the age of 21, and went on to compete in equestrian events in eight different countries.

His wide and varied jobs have included cannabis growing and employment as a sex worker ... in many cases to earn enough money to fund his riding ambitions.

Life in recent years has been tough for Peter. The chemotherapy drugs he must endure to keep the parasite at bay have taken a terrible toll, costing Peter much of his eyesight. He must also take the necessary medication to combat HIV.

That Peter Taylor was even alive to write this book is an achievement in itself. Horse enthusiasts will find this book a winner. It is the story of a man and his passion for riding at the highest levels, and the tale of someone whose determination of overcome adversity is an inspiration for us all.



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