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Memoirs of a Mug Punter

by John Harms. Text Publishing/Allen & Unwin. 237pp, RRP $29.95.

Even the little guy can be a winner in racing, but it's the size of the wins that set the big players apart from the many, many small fry in the game.

After forming a large syndicate dedicated to "showing how socialism works in horse racing", Harms follows his trier of a horse around country race meetings, attempting betting plunges, and collecting measly prizemoney along the way.

That's the problem with huge syndicates -- you don't pay much to be in them and the dividends are often proportionately tiny. Still, Harms gets in a win picture or two, and has some fun along the way.

Industry insiders will get a laugh, and non-racing types will get an education.



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