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 Horse Sense - The Guide to Horse Care in Australia and New Zealand

Horse Sense

The Guide to Horse Care in Australia and New Zealand, by Peter Huntingdon, Jane Myers, and Elizabeth Owens; CSIRO/Addenda Publishing. RRP $89.95. 341pp.

December 9, 2004

More than a few books have been written on the care of the horse.

While the many books written on this subject over the last 100 years have in most cases proved of some value to Australasians, there have been shortcomings.

Many have been written for northern hemisphere conditions and circumstances, where feed crops may be different and the keeping of horses in stables is far more common.

It is thus pleasing to find a book like Horse Sense, a 341-page easy-to-follow book which outlines everything you need to know about care of horses in Australia and New Zealand. The softcover book is a revised and expanded second edition, following on from the 1992 original.

The material has also been reorganised and the book has two new contributing authors: leading Australian dressage rider and equine nutritionist Elizabeth Owens and experienced equine studies lecturer Jane Myers join Peter Huntington, who has provided feeding and nutritional advice to large horse operations for more than 10 years.

The long list of contributors and consultants make it clear that this is very much a reference-standard work, and well organised for finding just the information you need. Its price tag of $89.95 is getting up there, but the horse enthusiast wanting to expand their knowledge - and have important information at their fingertips - might not find themselves back in the book shop for a while!

The text is well organised and laid out in bite-sized portions, making the information easily digestible and not too daunting to younger readers.

The book contains valuable information on buying, selling, and keeping a horse (including the costs). It covers general horse management, safe handling, riding and training. There is an excellent and very comprehensive section on feeding horses - an area in which our understanding is improving year by year.

You will read about breeds, health, horse facilities, transporting horses, and working in the horse industry.

For adults, this book will doubtless become a useful and practical reference work. The undaunting way in which the material is laid out, together with the illustrations, makes it an ideal offering for teenagers, who will learn plenty as they make their way through its 300-plus pages.



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