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Healing for Horses

by Margrit Coates; Rider Books/Random. RRP $52.95. 166pp.

If you don't have an open mind about healing and "communicating", then don't even pick this book up.

But if you do, you'll enjoy reading about how British healer and communicator Margrit Coates helps animals -- and people.

You will learn about both the scientific and spiritual sides of healing.

Included are several case histories and testimonials, including one from Blyth Tait. Keen to try it yourself? Coates says that anyone can heal, to some degree, although some people are more gifted than others.

Up until these more enlightened times the likes of healers were used as a very last resort by those who don't "believe", but horses can be neither believers or non-believers, so the results speak for themselves.



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