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Great Horse Treks of the World

Great Horse Treks of the World

by Julie Miller; New Holland. 160pp RRP $69.95.

April 2, 2005

There are two kinds of horse enthusiasts in this world: those who have been on a world class horse trek, and those who want to.

Great Horse Treks of the World is a high quality book designed to whet the appetite of those who yearn to explore some of the planet's most magnificent terrain by horseback.

This publishing enterprise has taken writer Julie Miller to five continents. Her accounts of the countryside and her trekking adventures are superbly illustrated by several photographers, the main one being Gabrielle Boiselle.

This full-colour glossy book of 160 pages strikes a nice balance between Ms Miller's very readable accounts and the striking images.

Few will be able to resist enjoying page after page of the fine images before settling in to read about the treks.

The book is well organised, the treks divided up continent by continent.

New Zealand is represented by Hurunui Horse Treks, who trek predominantly through the South Island high country, through some of the country's most picturesque stations.

The book, published by New Holland, retails in New Zealand for $69.95. Given the size and quality of the publication, I think it represents good value. It would certainly be the perfect gift for any horse enthusiast who entertains thoughts of horseback adventure.

You never know. It just might be the spur they need to book those airline tickets.



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