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Fate of the Stallion!

Fate of the Stallion

by Ron Hevener; Pennywood Press, 166pp. RRP $US15.95; audio book $US24.95.

The Black Stallion is probably the most famous arabian racehorse to grace the turf. But this horse was imaginary, dreamed up by legendary author Walter Farley.

Almost back in the real world is a semi-autographical book by Ron Hevener about his journey to save a halter and race champion colt from sure death.

In Fate of the Stallion! Ron Hevener talks of a special connection with Farley. He describes the subject of the book, Nugui El Khamsin, (known as Nahgua) as the luckiest horse alive.

nahgua The book is mostly fantasy, but the real-life story is even more amazing than the fiction, and it left me wanting to know more about what really happened to this horse. The print is refreshingly large and easy to read in this day of small print, so there's no excuse not to pick it up at the end of a long day.

As well as an author, Ron Hevener is also a recording artist, art collecter ... and now a horse collector!

Hevener's message? Follow your dreams -- and your gut feeling -- you never know quite where you'll end up.



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