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Between the Irons

Between the Irons, by Catherine Sampson

Anecdotes of my Life with Horses, by Catherine Sampson; iUniverse, 2010. Soft cover, 145pp. RRP $US15.95. ISBN: 978-1-4502-6092-3

June 16, 2011

Morgan breeder Catherine Sampson has had a long and varied life with horses, and her love of the animals shows through in this memoir. It's not an autobiography as such - the memories recounted throughout are related as they might be in a conversation with the author, rather than in a chronological or historical format.

It's also not a biography in that the story is certainly not over yet, with Sampson continuing to breed horses and train riders from her ranch in Canada.

From early beginnings when a Morgan horse caught her eye, Sampson has journeyed far and wide and bred champion horses from her farm, Trillium Morgan Horses, in Ontario.

In this book, Sampson relates many of her experiences with horses, including long trips on the road, the excitement of new arrivals, and the process of choosing a new breeding stallion. And while there are many "ups" with horses, there are also downs, which Sampson relates in a chatty, easy-reading manner as she reflects on horses and her journey through life so far.

"I doubt it is a coincidence that a horse of Morgan heritage that strolled by my house on late afternoons when I was a young girl would have the same name as my Morgan foundation mare. Nor could it be a coincidence that I would establish a horse farm in the same area where my first horse, Magnificent, was foaled and purchased when I was just an awkward teed trying to adjust to life in southern Ontario. Call it fate or good karma. Whatever you believe, it was meant to be."



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