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Laura Bechtolscheimer DVDs

Laura Bechtolscheimer works with Youngster Dan, and Laura Bechtolscheimer and Dr B Train Their Future Stars; Horse Hero, 2009. RRP £18.50. Running Time: 58:33 and 1:04.00. ISBN: 7-05105-68323-2 and 7-05105-67715-2.

January 19, 2011

In the first video, dressage's rider of the moment Laura Bechtolsheimer works with one of her young horses, Dan (Dankeshoen), a newly imported gelding with a few quirks.

The triple WEG silver medalist demonstrates her warm-up techniques and explains what she is expecting from Dan at this stage, and then moves on to lateral work with the horse.

The footage is filmed in a casual, down to earth environment - which is much the way Laura B comes over on video. She certainly displays a sense of humour.

It's quite interesting seeing how a top rider works through the training phases.

A lesson with Klaus Balkenhol is also shown, as Dan comes to grips with performing piaffe.

In the second video, Laura and her father, Dr Wilfried Bechtolsheimer, work with young horses. Dr B starts on long reining and Laura B takes a lesson with Balkenhol on a four-year-old horse. This is translated by Dr B.

Two five-year-old horses are also shown, with Laura B riding one and Carl Cuypers the other.

Again, the ability to watch top riders working with different types of young horses in the early stages of their training is a great help in demonstrating different methods of achieving the same ultimate goal, that of harmony with a willing horse.



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