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Lean on Pete, by Willie Vlautin

Lean on Pete

by Willie Vlautin; Faber and Faber. Softcover 2010, 229pp, RRP £12.99. ISBN: 978-0-571-23572-8.
January 12, 2011

Life sure sucks for some people and for some horses. In Lean on Pete, the dark side of life and the horse racing world in the US is bared.

The book tells the story of a 15-year-old boy named Charley who has moved around from job to job with his father. Charley has little structure and even less hope in his life. He soon gravitates towards horses and the seedy back-stretch lifestyle of unofficial racing in the backblocks of Oregon.

His home life goes from bad to worse, but Charley finds a friend in a horse named Pete, a speedy runner out of chances and down on his luck - just like the boy.

Together, the pair find that there is always hope - if you look in the right places.



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