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The Scales of Training Workbook

for dressage and jumping, by Claire Lilley, JA Allen/Hale Books. Softcover 2010, 208pp, RRP £19.99. ISBN: 978-0-85131-970-4.

January 12, 2011

Whether you are a new rider just starting out or an experienced horseman with some problems, this book is a must have.

So what are the "scales of training", and why should they be followed?

Firstly, the what: Rhythm (takt), Suppleness (looseness - losgelassenheit), Contact (anlehung), Impulsion (schwung), Straightness (geraderichten), and finally, Collection (versammlung).

And the why: skimping on the basics and getting too far ahead of the horse's true level will spell trouble down the track - or up the levels. This book aims to help riders to follow the correct progression of training for their horse.

Each of the points on the scale are described in detail and Lilley describes what the horse should be doing and why at each point. There are exercises to follow, and problem-solving solutions to issues that may arise. The training tips are very sensible.

For example, there are useful diagrams demonstrating ways to improve rhythm and tempo, as well as exercises to improve gait changes.

There are plenty of explanatory notes showing good and not so good movement.

Lilley also points out the importance of the rider being supple and not a floppy passenger.

This book is a great reference to return to when you are having a problem or just needing a refresher on the best way to tackle the next step in your horse's training.



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