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The EZ Ride Stirrup

EZ Ride Stirrup

shock absorbing stirrups; RRP $NZ145; from The Company for Horses.

March 7, 2007

Riding can be a pleasure but it can also be a pain, quite literally. Many riders just can't stay in the saddle for as long as they'd like, for various reasons - painful knees, ankles, hip or back included.

A new product bound to make life a little easier at least for those who have issues is the EZ Ride Stirrup.

The tread - wider than a conventional stirrup - is padded with a heavy-duty foam which gives nicely when weight is put in it, particularly when posting.

As well, the stirrup has a new innovation on earlier models, in that it features a shock-absorbing top bar, to add to the overall comfort.

We tried the aluminium EZ Ride; another model is made of nylon and as well as these standard models both can also come with a toe cage for safety. This is good for those who prefer to ride in running shoes and other heel-less footwear.

These would be a boon for distance riders and western riders - the stirrups are also light weight; each stirrup weighs in at 360g.

In all, a comfortable accessory for those who have pain issues and those who spend many hours in the saddle.



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