Horse agility in the spotlight - video

February 17, 2012

The popularity of Horse Agility is set to grow with the sport featuring recently on the BBC's popular Spotlight programme.

Worldwide OLHA! League Winner Dawn Westcott and her Exmoor pony stallion, Hawkwell Versuvius, with Vanessa Bee, founder of the Horse Agility Club.
The BBC Spotlight footage features Exmoor pony stallion, Hawkwell Versuvius - known as 'Bear' - who is the 2011 Horse Agility World Champion with his handler, Dawn Westcott.

Also interviewed on the show is International Horse Agility Club Founder, Vanessa Bee.

Horse Agility is based on the popular sport of dog agility with horses working loose over a fixed obstacle course.

The sport has been designed so that everyone can get started by directing their horses using a lead rope but the specially devised levels system trains people and horses as they compete to turn loose and work free.

Each obstacle is judged in two sections. Five marks for successfully completing the obstacle as per the criteria, five marks for good horsemanship especially a positive relationship between horse and handler. No whips or sticks are allowed just as in dog agility. The emphasis is on fun and safety for all concerned.

Higher levels are being introduced this year where competitors not only work their horses loose over obstacles in open country but also ride bareback and bridleless over the same course.