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Straying thoroughbred taken in by Florida SPCA

January 30, 2012

Another straying thoroughbred, described as emaciated and injured, has been rescued by the South Florida SPCA.

Foolish Treasure is in the care of the South Florida SPCA.
Since last Wednesday, the charity has rescued a total of 10 horses, comprising five thoroughbreds, one quarter horse and four ponies.

The latest thoroughbred was taken in by the SPCA on Saturday, after responding to a call from the Miami-Dade Police Department/Agriculture Patrol.

The horse was straying in SW Miami-Dade (SW 195 Ave. and SW 202 St.).

The horse, identified by her tattoo, is named Foolish Treasure.

She is in stable condition at the charity's rescue ranch.

Foolish Treasure ran her last race at Tampa Bay Downs Racetrack in 2008. "After 2008, she falls off the radar," South Florida SPCA president Jeanette Jordan said.

"I'm just glad we got to her in time before she was hit by a car or starved to death."

She continued: "With over 50 horses at the rescue ranch right now, we could use the public's help to provide food and veterinary care for them."



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