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The Cusack fund

Cusack in Washington - help him get to Kansas! Cusack is a New Zealand-born thoroughbred who found himself a long way from home and under threat of a trip to a slaughter plant in 2011.

We set a target of $NZ1900 to get him to Kansas. Within two days, his fund hit $NZ2965, and as of 8pm on Sunday night, May 8, it was at $NZ3365.

However, costs in getting him to Kansas will be higher than anticipated, including an extra fortnight of boarding in Washington state. Every cent donated to help Cusack will be accounted for and published on Horsetalk.

We'll show exactly where the money has gone, be it veterinary care, farriery, dental care, or supplements.

The Cusack Fund is now closed, but if you'd like to contact Horsetalk about him, please email.

Spending the Cusack fund - updated 15 May 2011

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