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Jackson allegedly watched killing of Credit Card

December 7, 2011

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Jaci Rae Jackson is alleged to have watched as a man shot and slit the throat of the horse Credit Card, the affidavit used to obtain an arrest warrant reveals.

Jaci Rae Jackson
The probable-cause affidavit provides an outline of alleged events around the theft early in November of five rodeo horses from Southern Arkansas University's Mulerider Stables.

While four of the horses were later recovered tied to trees in a heavily wooded area in Oklahoma, where they had apparently been abandoned, Credit Card was not so lucky.

His remains were discovered on November 25, not far from where the other horses were found, in McCurtain County.

Jackson, 19, of Broken Bow, Oklahoma, is in custody in the Columbia County Detention Facility and is due in court tomorrow.

Two further arrest warrants for two other parties have been issued, but have yet to be executed.

The affidavit, sworn by Detective Donald Wray, describes how the five horses were removed from the Mulerider Stables on the night of November 2, using a Feartherlite trailer parked at the stable complex. Tack was also stolen.

"Two rodeo students observed a single-rear-wheeled dark-colored truck backing up to the trailer.

"The witnesses also observed a white male wearing a 'hoddie'-type sweatshirt.

"During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Jaci Rae Jackson conducted reconnaissance on the facility by having fellow rodeo students ... show her around the stables."

Jackson allegedly made notes in a pink notebook regarding the locations of the stalls of where the stolen horses were taken from, as well as writing physical descriptions of the stolen horses.

"It was also discovered during the investigation that Jaci Rae Jackson had some form of romantic problems with at least one of the owners of the stolen horses."

Jackson had also told a witness before the thefts that some of the owners of the stolen horses "had made her mad".

Later in the investigation, a confidential informant came forward to the McCurtain County Sheriff's Office on November 7 to say that Jackson had contacted them on November 5, seeking help in moving the horses.

Jackson had told them that another party "had screwed it up".

"At the time of the phone call, Jaci Rae Jackson told the informant that the horses were in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, but needed to be moved to another area in the county."

The informant also described another conversation with Jackson about Credit Card.

"She [Jackson] stated to the informant that she wanted the horse killed and that she watched as Credit Card was shot in the head and had its throat slit ..."

Jackson then said that Credit Card had been cut up into numerous pieces by a man and a younger accomplice for easy transport and disposal.

The affidavit alleged Jackson had also sent text messages regarding the potential theft to a party in the lead-up to the night raid on the stables.



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