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London Olympic officials named by FEI

November 15, 2011

The FEI has named three technical delegates and 47 of the 49 international technical officials for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

The announcement naming the Technical Delegates (TD) and the International Technical Officials (ITO) was made at the FEI General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There are five more ITO positions than at the 2008 Olympic Games.

The vice-president of the Appeals Committee, led by Ken Lalo, is yet to be named, and a final volunteer under the International Olympic Programme is also still to be announced.

London 2012 Olympic equestrian venue manager Jeremy Edwards, left, and equestrian sport manager Tim Hadaway sporting their Kiwi ties before their presentation at the FEI General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro.

The positions are:

1 TD Eventing: Mr Martin Plewa (GER)
2 TD Jumping: Mr Frank Rothenberger (GER)
3 TD Foreign Veterinary Delegate Dr Kent Allen (USA)

1 ITO Venue Technical Advisor and FEI Footing expert Leopoldo Palacios (VEN)

(OCOG Course Designer Sue Benson (GB))
2 ITO Ground Jury President Anne Mette Binder (DEN)
3 ITO Member: Nick Burton (GBR)
4 ITO Member: Gillian Rolton (AUS)
5 ITO Assistant TD Ataíde Barcelos Pereira (BRA)
6.ITO Eventing XC Consultant Pierre Michelet (FRA)

7. ITO Ground Jury President Stephen Clarke (GBR)
8. ITO Member: Maribel Alonso (MEX)
9. ITO Member: Evi Eisenhardt (GER)
10. ITO Member: Wim Ernes (NED)
11. ITO Member: Gary Rockwell (USA)
12 ITO Member: Jean-Michel Roudier (FRA)
13 ITO Member: Leif Törnblad (DEN)
14 ITO FEI Delegate: Mr Wojtek Markowski (POL)
15 ITO Judges Superv. Panel 1 David Hunt (GBR)
16 ITO Judges Superv. Panel 2 Dieter Schüle (GER)
17 ITO Judges Superv. Panel 3 Jan Peeters (NED)

(OCOG Course Designer Bob Ellis (GB))
18. ITO Ground Jury President Stephan Ellenbruch (GER)
19 ITO Member 2: Freddy Smeets (BEL)
20 ITO Member 3: Jon Doney (GBR)
21 ITO Member 4: Kim Morrison (CAN)

OCOG Ground /Footing provider Andrews Bowen Ltd

Appeal Committee
22 ITO President Ken Lalo (ISR)
23 ITO Vice-President TBC
24 ITO Jumping Member Mrs Yolanda Matallana (COL)
25 ITO Dressage Member Mrs Mary Seefried (AUS)
26 ITO Eventing Member Michel Asseray (FRA)
27 ITO FEI Tribunal Member Jens Adolphsen (GER)
28 ITO FEI Tribunal Chair Patrick Boelens (BEL)

Veterinary Commission
29 ITO President Vet Commission Dr Paul Farrington (GBR)
30 ITO Associate member Dr Willi Hanbuecken (GER)
31 ITO Associate member Dr Tim Randle (GBR)
32 ITO FEI MCP Vet Peter Kallings (SWE)
33 ITO FEI MCP Vet Colin Roberts (GBR)
34 ITO Thermography Vet Gerrit Mathesen (GER)
35 ITO Thermography Vet Victoria Unt (FEI)
36 ITO FEI Medical Officer Dr Craig Ferrell (USA)

37 ITO Overall Chief Steward Mrs Frances Triulzi (ITA)
38 ITO Jumping Chief Steward Nigel King (HKG)
39 ITO Dressage Chief Steward Jacques Van Daele (BEL)
40 ITO Eventing Chief Steward Jurgen Petershagen (GER)

FEI ITO Volunteers/Extra Officials -International Olympic Programme
(Jumping stewards/Eventing sector stewards or fence judges)
41 ITO Steward Jumping David Distler (USA)
42 ITO Steward Jumping Stephan Hellwig (GER)
43 ITO Steward Jumping Maria Hernek (SWE)
44 ITO Steward Jumping Kate Horgan (IRL)
45 ITO Steward Jumping/Eventing Frederick Reuterskiöld (SWE)
46 ITO Steward Dressage Elizabeth Williams (USA)
47 ITO Steward Eventing Peter Thomas (RSA)
48 ITO Steward TBC
49 ITO Extra official Jumping Guilherme Jorge (BRA)



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