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Hickstead: tributes to a superstar

November 7, 2011

» Hickstead - 1996-2011

The shocking news of the death of Olympic gold medal winning showjumper Hickstead has rocked the equestrian world, with tributes in their hundreds pouring in for the horse.

Eric Lamaze and Hickstead in Leipzig in 2010. © Lulu Kyriacou
Ridden by world number one Eric Lamaze, Hickstead collapsed and died after completed his round at the World Cup show in Verona, Italy, on Sunday.

Some of the tributes to Hickstead:
Alexandra Skey: "Thank you Eric and Hickstead for showing us how amazing our sport can be - you were a legendary team and will be greatly missed."

Alana Wilson Longman: "I love the fact that the rider that everyone gave up on ended up with the little brown horse that no one wanted and they believed in each other enough to create a real life fairytale. Unfortunately the story ended far too soon. Hickstead went out the way that true heroes often do, giving his best right to the end!"

Peter Dello: "You and Hickstead made us proud to be Canadian in Beijing and you have proved over time that you were not a one-hit wonder. We will never forget him. You two had a bond that all riders could only dream of! RIP Hickstead!"

Maria Svärd: "My condolences to you, Eric Lamaze. I cannot imagine what you are going through right now. May your beautiful friend rest in peace. In Sweden we are talking about the 'eternal green fields' when a horse dies. And an imaginary country named 'Trapalanda'. That's where Hickstead is now. He is running and jumping at Trapalanda's eternal green fields. At least I beleive in this."

Kasia Lisikiewicz: "Hickstead was an amazing champion that will be missed by everyone. The way you two lit up the ring and soared high over the jumps will never be forgotten. He was a strong boy full of heart that changed many lives."

Virg Vessière: "Nous sommes nombreux à nous joindre à votre peine ... On ne peut rien changer à la tragédie qui vous touche; mais au moins vous dire que nous partageons tous votre douleur et vous souhaitons beaucoup de courage! Votre cheval est entré dans la Légende!"
[translation: Many of us feel your pain ... We can not change the tragedy that affects you, but at least tell you that we all share your pain and wish you much courage! Your horse is now a legend!]

Påsk Damen: "RIP Hickstead Today the equestrian world has lost a great horse. All thoughts to you Eric, the pictures on TV was devoastating, can't imagine how you Eric and the team around the horse must have felt. No words seems to be right or enough this sad day."

Tribute video made by Meagan Reader earlier this year:

Eric Lamaze and Hickstead winning Olympic gold in 2008. © Kit Houghton



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