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Horse goes down in New York commuter traffic - video

November 6, 2011

A carriage has gone down in New York City in the middle of the Friday evening commute.

A still from the video (below) showing the fallen horse.
It follows just weeks after Charlie Horse collapsed and died on his way to Central Park on Sunday morning to begin his working day.

The latest horse went down at the intersection of 60th Street and Broadway.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) later confirmed the horse had been suspended pending a veterinary examination.

Opponents of the carriage-horse trade have described the horse as collapsing, but another report suggested the horse had been frisky and bucked, and one of its hind legs had caught on the shaft of the carriage.

This caused the horse to fall. The animal was said to have been unhitched from its carriage and was walked back to its stables.

Late last month, 15-year-old Charlie Horse collapsed and died. A necropsy revealed he had a chronic stomach ulcer and a cracked tooth.



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