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Shaun doing well in custom shoes

September 21, 2011

Kiwi thoroughbred Shaun is now fitted out in custom shoes, which owner Deb Johnson says have met with his approval.

Shaun, who raced under the name Cusack in New Zealand, was rescued from kill pens in Washington state thanks to the generosity of Horsetalk readers, and was transported half way across the US to Deb's Kansas home.

He has been gaining weight and enjoying life with Deb's herd, but she has been concerned about his foot discomfort.

"I'm glad to report that Shaun appears to be sound, and is doing well in his custom shoes that Ely Avery, his farrier, built for him," Deb says.

"I rode Eclipse out in the pasture today so that the rest of the herd could get a bit of exercise as well.

"Hawk, my arabian, and Shaun took turns racing from one end of the property to the other.

"You can tell Shaun loves to run. So does Hawk, so there's a lot of attitude, snakey necking and crow hopping mixed in. Now THIS is horse racing!

"Eclipse was quite annoyed with the boys cutting in front of her, racing circles around her and her having to be collected and under saddle. Maybe she was just annoyed with me!"

Deb says the supplement she is giving all her horses, Formula4feet, has manes and tales growing like crazy.

"Shaun's thin mane, and short tail are starting to look rather respectable. I'm hoping that his hoof walls and soles are also going to see that same kind of growth.

"I won't know for another year, but if his feet are as good as his coat, I expect some very healthy feet in time."

She says summer is coming to a close, but temperatures are still in the high 70s.

Shaun, enjoying the love and attention of his new home, is now getting his first taste of a Kansas autumn. Deb reports that the leaves are starting to change and they are losing daylight every day.



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