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Kiwi TB Shaun continues to make horsey strides

August 22, 2011

Kiwi thoroughbred Shaun has bounced back from his serious bout of choke, and is enjoying slightly cooler temperatures in his little slice of Kansas.

Shaun hanging out by the neighbour's fence.
Shaun, rescued from kill pens in Washington thanks to the efforts of Horsetalk readers, is on the long but steady road to recovery with Deb Johnson, who offered him a forever home.

Shaun has had to handle temperatures around 100 degrees fahrenheit, but temperatures are now around 87, Deb reports.

"Shaun is doing well, and no more choking episodes," she says.

"He has his own little space to eat, separate from the other horses, and it seems to take a lot of pressure off him to bolt his food.

"Gunner likes to eat as close to him as he can, and they seem to have bonded up real nice. Shaun really likes it when I turn everyone out on all 40 acres.

"He tried to herd me like a border collie, over to the gate to let everyone out.

"I'm treating Gunner for scratches, so I was trying to take him down the hill, and it was not the direction of the gate. Shaun was determined to get me turned around."

Shaun, it seems, is placing increasing weight on his opinions.

"I usually listen to the herd's 'suggestions' but sometimes momma knows best.

"His head is always the first to come up when I hit the pasture. I can glance towards the feed room, and he's headed that way. He's one smart horse.

The picture shows Shaun hanging out by the neighbor's fenceline, well away from the house.

"The lead mare, Eclipse, likes to hang out with the next-door stallion, so I started hauling water up to them because of the heat.

"Eclipse will make everyone suffer so she can make google eyes at the boy next door. It was too hot to do without water until she decided to bring them in.

"He's looking better, not so ribby. I wish his neck had a bit more muscle, but he's slowly improving on his muscle and shine. I think all that walking they do, grazing, heads down is making a big difference to his topline.

"He looked so old when he got here. I'm starting to see that shine in his eyes, the healthier he gets. I've had him on Formula4feet for about three weeks now.

"His back feet are no longer spliting, cracking and chipping. He has some nice, healthy hoof growth going, and his coat looks really good, too.

"Shaun said to say, 'hi' and 'thanks for the second chance!'



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