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Shaun gets new shoes - and a new sponsor!

July 24, 2011

Kiwi thoroughbred Shaun has just had a special shoe fitted which owner Deb Johnson feels has made him more comfortable.

As well as getting his feet sorted out, Shaun also had a visit from the dentist recently. He behaved admirably.
Shaun, who raced under the name Cusack, is now living in Kansas after Horsetalk readers rallied to saved him from kill pens in Washington state.

Life is good for the former North Canterbury gelding, with plenty of food, good human and equine company, and now a new sponsor.

Deb says Emerald Valley Equine is now backing him.

"Although the equine supplements he was on were great, Formula4feet is an amazing supplement, and you don't need to add three or four more supplements for the full package.

"Gunner has been on it for almost a year and his feet, coat, and overall condition has greatly improved. He's doing so well, I'm putting all my horses on Formula4feet. Sure is going to make it a lot easier at feeding time."

Deb says Shaun and the other horses have been enduring soaring daytime temperatures but he is coping well with the heat.

Shaun has been getting plenty of handling and peeks out of his shell a lot more often, Deb says.

"Funny how baby carrots fresh out of the fridge will motivate a guy on a hot day.

"The other night I was with the horses down in the well pasture, and Shaun was still up in the shelter about two acres away.

"It was like a big piece of the herd was missing, and we all felt it. I called him about five times, and then I hear the thundering of feet. Here he comes, racing down to us!

"I just had his feet done, and he seems a lot more comfortable. He was doing a toe-first landing, so the farrier gave him a special shoe to help him move correctly, and get that heel first landing.

"I think moving about just got a lot more comfy for him. I'm betting the new supplement will make a big difference in how his feet look, too.

"Shaun, Gunner and Hawk are usually always the ones waiting up in the shelter when the sun goes down, because that's when we play at liberty.

"Shaunie is doing a nice, firm hello these days, which is great for this horse. He tends to hide with his butt to everyone, so to get him to turn around and interact is a big deal. He still seems unsure at his place in things, and probably isn't feeling safe yet. That will take as long as it takes.

"I tell him he's safe, and this is home forever, every day. Every day, he believes me a little bit more."



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