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First Olympic test event under way with 40 horses

July 4, 2011

by Lulu Kyriacou

London is gearing up - and bracing itself - for the first of the London Prepares Olympic Test events, which just happens to be the three-day-event.

Mark Todd (NZ) and Campino. © Lulu Kyriacou
Greenwich Park has been transformed with the addition of an arena, grandstands and stabling and bemused locals and tourists looked on today when then the horses were presented for the veterinary inspection.

Forty-one horses from 23 countries arrived in South East London and all except one were passed fit to compete. Sadly, it was Sweden's Dag Albert who did not make the cut. His horse Jedi Dancer was not deemed fit even after a second inspection.

Kiwi interests are being attended to by Mark Todd (NZB Campino), Andrew Nicholson (Viscount George) and Clarke Johnstone (Incognito).

The first horse will be in the arena at 9am local time for the CIC** competition. which has been devised to test out the systems being put in place to preserve the parkland.

Greenwich is, of course, a World Heritage Centre and so certain precautions need to be taken to make sure the historic ground, the oldest public park in London, is not damaged by the Games.

About 10,000 people will be spectating over the three days, which includes 4000 locals specially invited by the local council.



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