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Rescue horse Shaun 'has Jimmy Stewart quality'

June 29, 2011

Kiwi thoroughbred Shaun, rescued from Washington kill pens and now enjoying his new life in Kansas, has a touch of movie-star quality, his new owner says.

Flies are bugging Cusack so he's getting fly wipe applied twice a day.
Shaun, who raced under the name Cusack, was rescued thanks to the generosity of Horsetalk readers, and is now in the care of Deb Johnson in an idyllic slice of Kansas, with trees, creeks and plenty of love and attention.

"All in all, Shuan is adapting to life in Kansas, in the herd, and in his own skin," Deb reports.

"I don't know if this gentle soul would have ever chosen horse racing, if he'd had a say in things.

"If you are old enough, you know who Jimmy Stewart is. He's an actor, a quiet, kind, handsome man that was in a lot of the old movies.

"Shaun reminds me of him. Had a crush on Jimmy Stewart, too!"

Deb reports that Ed McCarty, an equine dentist, will today be checking Shaun's teeth.

"Shaun is a real gentleman on the ground, so I don't expect any drama.

"Nope, haven't ridden him, and I'm starting to see why he might not be someone's choice as a riding horse.

"He tends to run with his butt off to the side, like a puppy who hasn't figured out where his feet are yet. Could be that pin in his left ankle.

"He doesn't run so much anymore, and I think that might be a good thing. He's more relaxed; the herd has embraced his company, and I think that's as good as it gets for a horse.

"Eclipse is quite amorous right now, if you know what I mean. She has chosen poor Shaun as the object of her affection, so he is getting extra rubs and attention from the lead mare. Like the awkward, dork finding himself dating the head cheerleader, I guess.

"We still have our quiet time in the evenings. He tends to let the herd gallop off to the well pasture without him, choosing to stay in the shelter at night.

"That's when he and I have our alone time, I break out a little more grain, and we watch the stars and have deep conversations about all manner of things. He is such a gentle soul."

Deb says the temperatures are getting very warm, and she was worried about Shaun's tolerance for humidity.

"He was already having a tough time with 80 degree temps, and we are expecting near 100 temps with humidity by Thursday. That's ugly hot.

"I bought a misting system and installed it in the horse shelter. It cools temps off by about 20 degrees and tends to be a nice barrier for flies, as well.

"It's also a great way to cool five horses off at a time, while they rest in the shade. The sand in the shelter gets nice and damp and that makes for a nice, cool place to bed down.

"The horses are living in that shelter in the heat of the day."

The insects that found Shaun so inviting to start with, despite the use of repellents, appear to have backed off, too.

Perhaps they have reached an understanding.



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