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Shaun - aka Cusack - continues to bond with Deb

June 10, 2011

by Neil Clarkson

His racing days are behind him and the worries are starting to ebb from Shaun - racing name Cusack - as he settles into his new Kansas home.

First look: Deb and Shaun - aka Cusack - have continued to bond since his arrival. More pictures from his arrival at Deb's are here.
Shaun, or Shaunie, as new owner Deb Johnson now calls him, was saved from kill pens in Washington state thanks to the generosity of Horsetalk readers.

However, he had to wait out a month at the Back Forte Equestrian Center in Enumclaw for his ride east, where the long job of putting condition back on the gelding began.

Deb notices that he quite likes the three-walled shelter on her property, and seems to put himself to bed there at regular times.

"Last night at 7, he did that crazy, all-hocks-high, baby-deer trot off to the shelter," Deb reports.

"I mosied up and started spraying him for the mosquitos, which in Kansas are the size of small birds.

"He didn't want any part of my fussing and walked over to the chair I have in the shelter and dotted it with his nose.

"I sat down as requested, and he pressed the side of his nose against my face and breathed me in. He dozed for a while, that way.

"I whispered to him, 'I heard you when you were in that place. That dark place. We all heard you. So many. You're safe now, loved, and you will never have to leave'."

"He sighed and rested his chin on my arm and fell asleep.

"He's not a huggy, kissy kind of guy. When it's time to eat, he eats, but he's always watching me.

"This morning he wanted breakfast, and pinned his ears when I approached the horses with their bowls.

"Eclipse and Bit's food covers the bottom of the bowl. His goes to the top.

"I move him back until his ears came forward and then put his bowl down in front of him. He's so hungry. Well, he's at the ultimate horse buffet, now!"

Deb continues: "We are even more closely connected today than we were yesterday. We are a herd of two, just unto ourselves.

"Eclipse and Bit are starting to accept him because I accept him. I'm part of their herd, too.

"We all sat in the shelter this morning as a thunderstom moved by, sharing space and enjoying the cooler weather.

"Horses need this time, to do nothing but enjoy the company of the herd. They need our love, our partnership and our time."



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