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Cusack closing in on Kansas

June 6, 2011

by Neil Clarkson

Kiwi thoroughbred Cusack is still on the move across the US, with the decision yet to be made on whether new owner Deb Johnson will uplift him in Nebraska.

Cusack in his racing days.
Cusack is being carried interstate by Paul Lynch's 4Rail Horse Transport.

A decision will made soon on whether Deb picks him up further north, or Cusack is delivered to her door.

Cusack, saved from kill pens through the generosity of Horsetalk readers, left Enumclaw, in Washington state, on Friday morning and, all going well, should be with Deb on Monday (local time).

"Paul called me once he got on the road to let me know Cusack was doing just fine."

She checked in with him yesterday and discussed the possibility of meeting up in Nebraska.

"It's still not real, and don't think it will be until he unloads here and I have him in my hands.

"It's been a real long journey for him, since that last race in 2007."

The warm welcome from Deb will be more than matched by local temperatures.

"It will be an ugly 96 degrees (35.5ºC) here on Monday, due to a heat wave hitting the plains. My horses were pretty wet yesterday, but still out eating grass in the sun.

"Evenings are in the low 70s, so at least it's cooling off when the sun goes down. He'll have a hot couple of days of it before the rain moves in on Wednesday."



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