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Cusack's departure date set

May 25, 2011

by Neil Clarkson

Kiwi thoroughbred Cusack will roll out from Washington on June 3 to begin his journey to Kansas and a new life with Deb Johnson.

Cusack on arrival at the Back Forte earlier this month.
Cusack has been enjoying life at the Back Forte Equestrian Centre in Enumclaw, in Washington state, gaining weight in preparation for his trip half way across the United States.

The racehorse was saved from kill pens thanks to the support of Horsetalk readers, who raised enough money to buy him and meet his costs in getting him to Kansas. The fund will ensure Cusack has the best possible start in his new life, with a career in competitive trail riding beckoning.

Deb confirmed this morning that Paul Lynch, of 4Rail Horse Transport, intends to uplift Cusack on June 3.

Deb says Paul is the owner-operator of the business and Cusack will be bedded down each night, which will make the long journey far easier on him.

Cusack's route to Kansas will probably take him further south, into Oregon, where other horses will be uplifted, before heading east to Kansas.

His transport is dependent on developments in respect of the current EHV-1 outbreak affecting western states.

Checks with state veterinary authorities will be required in each state he crosses to ensure his health certification meets their requirements.

Cusack will need to have his temperature taken by a vet within 24 hours of departure to ensure he does not have a fever. State authorities will not allow him to leave unless his temperature is normal.

Deb says she is uncertain how long the trip will take.

Lisa O'Gorman, who is generously meeting about half of Cusack's boarding costs at the Back Forte, updates Deb regularly by email on Cusack's time there.

"Lisa says he is really funny; seems to have a sense of humour. He gets along really well with other horses."

His main vice appears to centre around being a bit pushy on the ground.

Cusack is happy and gaining weight.

He was footsore from his time on concrete in the kill pens, but had his shoes removed after his arrival at the Back Forte and is improving every day.

Deb said the month's spell at the Back Forte - required to link up with his transporter - has ended up being a blessing.

Cusack will arrive in Kansas to meet up with Deb's mares, Eclipse and Little Bit. Her two boys are away until mid-June, as are her boarders.

It should all work out perfectly, she said.



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