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"Pretty Boy" Cusack had a friend in Amanda

May 16, 2011

by Neil Clarkson

Amanda Blanchet is an unsung hero of the horses who find themselves in the kill pens at the Washington state auction house where Kiwi racehorse Cusack came up for sale.

Amanda Blanchet with Cusack during his time at the auction yards in Enumclaw, Washington.

While Cusack awaited the rescue made possible with the help of Horsetalk readers, Amanda had already formed a relationship with the gelding she nicknamed Pretty Boy.

For the past couple of months the Enumclaw, Washington, resident has made it her job to provide some love and attention to the horses in the kill pens waiting to be saved.

Every afternoon Amanda and her boyfriend, Rob, pay them a visit.

"I brush them and give them treats of all sorts," she says.

"I haul around carrots, apples, and assorted treats for every horse.

"Even though it is extremely expensive to buy treats for fifteen-plus horses, I do it because I get to know their tastes and personality much easier," she says.

"We fell in love with Cusack, who is anything but camera shy.

"He was a pretty boy and, before we found out his real name and his story, that is what we called him - Pretty Boy. And he knew it.

"Even though he was in such a depressing atmosphere, Cusack ... would stand tall and prance around when someone drove up to the pen, almost as if he was begging someone to save him and take him home.

"He was a sweetheart and I don't doubt for a minute that him ending up here was fate to help get the word out there about other horses like him."

Amanda said it was sad how many horses ended up in kill pens.

"I am just thankful he was saved."



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