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Cusack a barn celebrity

May 10, 2011

by Neil Clarkson

Kiwi thoroughbred Cusack is enjoying celebrity status at the Back Forte Equestrian Centre in Washington, where life is looking up for the 11-year-old gelding.

Cusack at the Back Forte Equestrian Centre.
Lisa O'Gorman, who spoke to Horsetalk before paying him a visit today, said he had settled in well for a stay of about a month, before he is transported half way across the US to his new home in Kansas with Deb Johnson.

Cusack was under threat of a trip to the abattoir, but thanks to a successful fundraising effort will now head east, where hopes are high for a career in competitive trail riding.

Lisa, who is kindly meeting Cusack's boarding costs for the first two weeks at the Back Forte, has been visiting him regularly and giving him attention.

"He is pretty funny," she says.

The first thing he did on arriving in his new stall was have a good roll. He then tucked into his timothy and alfalfa hay.

He runs over to his stall door whenever anyone pays him a visit, including a group of girls from the centre who have read about his situation online.

"He's quite the celebrity at the barn.

"Yesterday, he gave my husband a huge big kiss."

Cusack is a little fussy over his treats, but is certainly partial to carrots and apples.

Lisa expects Cusack will gain weight well on his diet of hay and supplements mixed in with a high-fat low-sugar grain-based product. He will also spend two hours a day on pasture, weather permitting.

She said Cusack was on the thin side, but not in the league of some rescue horses.

He was a high-withered thoroughbred and, being light, had lost his topline, but she was sure the weight would now be going on.

She said he enjoys his grooming and, while a bit pushy on the ground, certainly doesn't do anything stupid.

Lisa says he is friendly with the other horses and the other day stood for up to 25 minutes watching kids receive lessons on their ponies.

Cusack, she said, was a cool horse. "There is a presence about him when you see him. He will look at you and you will get that sense of who he is."



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