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Kürten horses returned to owner

April 21, 2011

The five horses at the centre of a dispute between top Irish showjumper Jessica Kürten and owner Lady Georgina Forbes have been returned.

Jessica Kürten
The five horses made the short trip on Wednesday from Kürten's yard in Huenxe to Lady Forbes's legal representative in Bochum, Germany, to the clinic of Dr Marc Cronau.

Th move was agreed when the security deposit requested by the Higher Regional Court in Düsseldorf was available on Monday, April 18, in the form of a bank guarantee amounting to €300,000. The horses were returned in the presence of the lawyers and veterinary surgeons of Jessica Kürten as well as of Lady Forbes and the veterinary inspector of the district of Wesel.

All horses were examined before the shipment, and blood samples were taken in the presence of the veterinary inspector, at the request of Jessica and Eckard Kürten and their attorney.

The examination and the return of the horses were fully documented on video tape.

Lady Forbes's legal representatives received the horses' FEI passports as well as a report on the horses' training in recent weeks.

Kürten's spokesperson said: "Since Jessica Kürten was no longer permitted to compete Castle Forbes Libertina, Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois, Castle Forbes Cosma, Castle Forbes Vivaldo and Paddington the horses' training schedule was gradually reduced. This information is to the benefit of future riders and in particular to the benefit of the horses' welfare."

It was not yet known who was going to ride the horses, but Jessica Kürten said: "I wish the next rider all the best and every success with these horses."



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