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Quarantine after case of equine herpesvirus at Cornell

April 5, 2011

» Second equine herpesvirus case at Cornell

The equine barns at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals have been placed under voluntary quarantine following a confirmed case of the neurological form of equine herpesvirus.

The quarantine has been put in place in co-operation with the New York state veterinarian. Restricted access and biosecurity protocols are in place.

Movement of animals between the equine barns and other Cornell facilities is not permitted.

The case does not impact the Companion Animal or Farm Animal Hospital.

These remain open and operating under normal conditions, as the equine herpes virus does not affect dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, or birds.

Alpacas and llamas might be affected, so the hospital is restricting admission of those species.

The hospital says the risk is low, and that horses discharged from the Cornell Equine Hospital before March 18 were not exposed to any known case.

"We are presently contacting horse owners whose horses could possibly have been exposed. We have contacted all referring veterinarians who referred horses to our facility during this time."



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