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Horse owners must register - Biosecurity Queensland

March 30, 2011

Property owners in Queensland with livestock are being reminded of their obligation to register with Biosecurity Queensland.

Property owners who own livestock, including horses, need to register their premises with Biosecurity Queensland, principal policy officer Tim Farry said.

He described property owners as the first line of defence in the fight against the spread of animal diseases.

"Property registration is important so we know where livestock are located in times of an emergency to assist with disease control," Farry said.

"Up to date information allows us to work with the community to respond quickly and effectively to minimise the impact of emergency animal diseases.

"Property owners may not realise that even if they only keep one or two animals, they are still required to register with Biosecurity Queensland."

Properties with one or more head of cattle, horses (including donkeys), sheep, goats, pigs, deer, buffalo, camels, llamas or alpacas, or 100 or more poultry (including any species of aviary birds), are required by law to be registered.

Registration is free and should be done within 14 days of obtaining an animal.



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