Horse trials riders shown how to fall off

January 15, 2011

A successful training event showing eventing riders safe ways to fall has led to more courses being offered by British Eventing.

A rider is ejected from the Equichute.
Run at the British Racing School in Newmarket in November, the Event Riders Fall Training Day was attended by 50 riders, ranging from 2 star to 4 star level.

Following feedback from attendees the training format has been changed to include extra subjects and will host fewer participants - 32 - so that those attending receive more individual coaching and more opportunity to practice what they learn.

Another three training days are being offered to British Eventing members, with the first on January 22, and the other two days on February 6 and 13.

The training day will be interactive and will involve physical exercise and discussion.

The subjects covered will include stretching, core stability and simulator work on the Equicisor (mechanical horse) with Carys Jackson and Jonathan Chapman; gym and Equichute (mechanical horse that throws the rider off) with Jon Pitts and Steve Smith-Eccles; nutrition and hydration and its influence on rider performance, with Julia Scott-Douglas; and cross country technique, speed awareness, frangible fence design and fall statistics, with Yogi Breisner.