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Pickens plans to fence half-million acres

December 8, 2010

Wild horse advocate Madeleine Pickens has upset Nevada ranchers over her plans to fence off 500,000 acres over which she has grazing rights.

Madeleine Pickens
Pickens, the wife of billionaire T. Boone Pickens, bought a 14,000-acre ranch in Nevada in October which comes with the grazing rights to about 500,000 acres.

Pickens plans to use the grazing resource to re-home as many as possible of the 30,000-plus wild horses currently held in by federal authorities.

It is understood the Bureau of Land Management, responsible for the care of US wild horses, has agreed to provide Pickens with 1000 captive wild horses to run a pilot programme.

The Wall Street Journal reports that ranchers are upset at her plan to fence off the grazing land.

They fear her plans will force cattle off the land, the newspaper reports.

Pickens is reportedly looking at buying other ranches to add to her estate and the journal reports on fears she could "lock up ranches all over Nevada".



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