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New homes for Lake Gregory horses

December 6, 2010

A secure future is in store for the brumbies who live around Lake Gregory, in the Kimberley region of West Australia, following their see-sawing fortunes in recent months.

At one stage, an aerial cull of the horses was possible, but animal advocates persuaded West Australia's Indigenous Affairs Minister Kim Hames to call it off.

However, late last month, a newspaper report suggested some 5000 wild horses living around the lake were to be trucked to Queensland for slaughter.

However, Libby Lovegrove, of Wild Horses Kimberley, said she met on Thursday with Hames and put a proposal to him over the future of the horses.

"After a flyover of the lake he estimated that only 700-plus horses were there and doubled the figure to be sure," Lovegrove said.

"He agreed to allow us to relocate as many horses as we can after the three Aboriginal communities at the lake take 60 each.

"We will take all of the others to the properties which have been offered to us where they will be trained, sponsored and re-homed to reliable and experienced owners.

"A return clause in the adoption agreement will ensure that any horse which proves to be unmanageable will be returned to us," said Lovegrove, a long-time campaigner for the Lake Gregory horses.

"We are also planning to take the much older or badly conformed horses to a refuge property where they can live in peace.

"The minister will finance the transport of the horses and we will open a new bank account for sponsors and other donations to help us with costs associated with the trips, feed, fuel for our group of volunteers to assist with on the ground work at the lake, and advertising."

Details, she said, would go online at

The operation will begin in late March to April, depending on the end of the wet season and road conditions.

Lovegrove offered her thanks to those who helped bring about a good outcome for the horses.



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