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Utah wild horse roundup completed

December 2, 2010

A Utah roundup of 434 wild horses has been completed, the US Bureau of Land Management says.

The horses were removed from the Conger Complex, comprising the Conger and Confusion Mountain herd management areas, located west of Delta, Utah, and managed out of the Fillmore field office.

The bureau said the muster was necessary to return populations to appropriate management levels, and to maintain a balance with available forage, water and habitat.

"I was pleased with how the gather went," said Gus Warr, who heads the wild horse and burro programme in Utah.

"We were able to have many individuals from the public observe the gathers and be educated about the programme.

"Even more importantly, we were able to finish the gather without any serious injuries to personnel or horses, which is a primary objective when doing these gathers."

Horses removed from the range have been shipped to the bureau's Delta Wild Horse Corrals and the Salt Lake Wild Horse and Burro Centre, where they are being evaluated by veterinarians and bureau staff for any health concerns or complications.

After further examination, some will be selected and returned to the herd areas to ensure the long-term management of the herds. Animals at both locations will be available for adoption in late November or early December 2010.

The bureau also announced that the Winter Ridge wild horse gather, originally scheduled for last October in the Vernal area, will go ahead in July.



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