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Kaimanawa horses pose risk near highway

December 2, 2010

Two small bands of Kaimanawa wild horses that have moved to an area near the Desert Road, just north of Waiouru, are causing concern over the risk of straying on to the highway.

The Kaimanawa Wild Horse Trust says it has made several attempts to push them east, away from the road.

"We think the increased spring growth on the lower country near Waiouru, or possibly the presence of domestic horses in the 'pony club paddock', may be the attraction for these animals," the trust said in its latest newsletter.

It hoped that summer growth in the harder country to the east would eventually draw the horses away.

"Should this not transpire and the animals continue to be a risk for traffic on the highway, we will need to remove them.

"In the past there have been accidents in his area, especially near the entrance to the Waiouru rubbish dump."



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